What is Rebirth U?

Rebirth U is Brand Rebirth’s Digital University of brand and professional development that has a purpose of “democratizing Ivy-League brand strategy principles for women-led businesses and beyond". 

It houses a series of on-demand brand masterclasses (i.e. So, Really, What Is A Brand?) that can be taken as stand-a-lone courses or as a part of the Brand Bedrocks and Brand Roots Modules.  


Which course should I start with?

Amazing question! It would be ideal to begin your journey with Rebirth U’s premier masterclass, “So, Really, What Is A Brand?” and then move on to the remaining 3 courses in the full (Brand Bedrocks) module: “Branding + Marketing Symbiosis”, “Brand Authenticity” and “Mission__Storymaking”. When taken in this sequence, the learner builds a solid foundation in branding to build upon and directly apply to their business or organization.


When do Rebirth U courses begin?

You decide! Rebirth U courses are entirely on-demand. You can begin the course whenever you like, and there are no mandatory live courses or deadlines to complete it. You can start a course at home, continue it at the office and finish it on your patio. You can begin wherever you have Wi-Fi access and space to focus.


Where can I take the course?

Anywhere! It is online, so you do not have to pay for travel costs to physically sit in a workshop with other companies/individuals that are not relevant to your industry. 

Rebirth U courses can be accessed from several different devices and platforms, including a desktop, laptop, or tablet. The course is fully mobile responsive, so you can take the course on your mobile phone as well.  

We strongly believe that our learners (Rebirthers) will benefit from limitless learning and coaching opportunities that Rebirth U offers.


How do I get access to the Rebirth U course site?

After you purchase a course, you can access it by clicking on the course link you will receive in your confirmation email (provided you are logged into your Rebirth U account. You can also begin the course by logging in and navigating to your course page.


When will I lose access to the course site?

Once you enroll in a Rebirth U course, you will have access for life provided that your account is in good standing.

You have the freedom to learn at your own pace. Rebirth U is your digital university where you will begin to birth or rebirth your brand!  


How are the courses taught?

Rebirth U courses have been designed using micro-learning principles, so this means that content is shared in small bursts to keep you engaged and informed. We realize that our future “Rebirthers” consume content via various learning styles.

For visual learners, we incorporate colorful face-to-camera, white-board animation video, and customized 2D animation coupled with moving images, graphics, images and frameworks. Aural learners will appreciate the customized background music that appears throughout many videos lessons that are no more than 5 minutes. 

Verbal and physical learners will appreciate the mixture of narrated presentations and their time spent in the Rebirth U Ideation Studio.   Learning assessments (quizzes), interactive matching games, masterclass checklists and workbook time provide excellent physical stimulation and hands-on application of course topics. 

The students who return time and again to new classes do so because they trust our approach and enjoy the process.


Are you available to answer questions if I get stuck?

No, but each course has been designed very carefully to ensure that you will not need to. The Rebirth U Founder, Tanika Vital-Pringle, has poured a huge amount of time and resources into each online course to make sure that it delivers on all course objectives and outcomes for you. Follow each lesson carefully, implement the exercises, give yourself time to reflect, dream and visualize and you will find that you will achieve great things.

Rebirth U’s vision is to have a private membership site for Rebirthers where responses will be provided to questions and where Rebirthers can connect with each other..


What if I do not have a background in marketing or business, will Rebirth U courses work well for me?

They most certainly will work well for you! Every learner at Rebirth U is what we call a “Rebirther”, and because Rebirth U’s purpose is to “democratize Ivy-League brand strategy principles for Women-Run businesses and beyond”, we break concepts down in a detailed fashion. 

At Rebirth U, we share what is necessary, relevant, and appealing to game changing leaders like you.  Theories will be quickly followed up with practical real-life examples and we will use a mix of video delivery styles to make it fun and interesting.


Can I get a refund after I purchase the course?

No, thank you for asking. Due to their digital nature, all Rebirth U courses are non-refundable. Please look at the course curriculum for each masterclass or module before enrolling and if you are at all unsure, email RebirthU@brand-rebirth.com prior to signing up. We have absolute confidence that if you work through each lesson, you will get tons of value for money and the outcome you need.


How can I receive a course certificate?

Yes, while Rebirth U is not an accredited institution, we offer skills-based courses curated and taught by seasoned experts in the field of brand management, strategic marketing, business development and organizational behavior. Every paid course features a certificate of completion to document your accomplishment.