Have you ever experienced an inauthentic brand?

How did that make you feel?

Brand Authenticity Masterclass

Rebirth U's "Brand Authenticity" Masterclass provides practical coaching on how to enact authenticity in your organization/business.  This 2+ hour masterclass will enable your brand to have a stronger emotional connection with your customers.

You will learn about brand behemoths who practice authenticity within their companies and thrive. Inspiring brand studies of up and coming Women-Owned Business will help you visualize success with your brand.  

You will be empowered to ask and answer the big questions yourself so that you can increase your organizations's brand authenticity factor. We will define, model and benchmark authenticity with global (male-owned) and woman-owned brands that are highly valued. Ultimately, you will walk away with practical tips on how to radiate personal authenticity into your brand with the bonus content as well.

Who Is It Designed For?

Female Gamechangers, Women-Owned Businesses, Women-Run Businesses, Women Department Heads, Marketing Professionals, Corporate Learning Departments, University Administrators and Continuing Education Programs, Non-For Profit Leaders, Franchisors & Franchisees

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Millennials will be the recipients of “the largest wealth transfer in history” as baby boomers transfer over 30 trillion dollars of their wealth to their children.

Do you know how Millennials relate to brand authenticity?

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Hi, I'm Tanika and I am your Masterclass Coach!

Brand Rebirth Founder + Chief Brand Strategist with 20+ Years of Professional Experience and Travel to 40+ Countries

I have always practiced authenticity, along with independent and collaborative thinking. This purpose-driven path has led me to embrace non-conformity, innovation and ultimately create compelling brand voices for two different Fortune 500 companies, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and Royal Dutch Shell, for over 15 years as an intrapreneur.

I hold the Certificate in Brand Leadership from the Executive Education Program at Columbia University, the Global MBA from Thunderbird, The Global School of Management and the B.B.A. in International Business and Finance from Howard University.

I have always been called on to launch a new idea to a new target audience, a new global program in a new country and even a new company and I have loved it all. In 2018, my work and leadership of a new company brand launch was recognized by the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell and deemed the best Business-to-Business Brand Campaign for the company on a global level. Most importantly, my leadership empowered teams to achieve unsurpassed excellence which resulted in exceeding sales targets.

Just think of me as your “Brand Doula” and you will be rewarded with a rock-solid brand infrastructure that can attract your customers in an authentic way. “Thinking differently” bred innovation in the form of iPhones, body shapers for women (Spanx) and customer experience (Amazon) to name a few, so what are you waiting on?

What is Rebirth U?

Rebirth U is Brand Rebirth’s Digital University of brand and professional development that has a purpose of “democratizing Ivy-League brand strategy principles for women-led businesses and beyond". 

It houses a series of on-demand brand masterclasses (i.e. So, Really, What Is A Brand?, Brand Authenticity, etc.) that can be taken as stand-a-lone courses or as a part of the Brand Bedrocks Module (Bundle).  

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Why Rebirth U?

Masterclass Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to "Brand Authenticity"!

    • Brandspiration From Your Course Coach!

    • How to use this course

    • Welcome Rebirther!

    • Hola Survey!

  • 2

    Let's Get Started!

    • Agenda

    • Authenticity Defined

    • Brand Study in Retail

    • Consumer Expectations

    • Negative Benchmarks of Brand Authenticity

    • Brand Study in Media

    • Global Authentic Brands

    • Brand Case Study on Fitness

    • Tips on Creating an Authentic Brand

    • Exhale :)

  • 3

    FREE BONUS CONTENT! Frida Kahlo + Authenticity Breakthroughs

    • Frida Kahlo's Brand Authenticity: "How To Radiate Personal Authenticity Into Your Brand"

    • 4 Authenticity Breakthroughs: "How To Radiate Personal Authenticity Into Your Brand"

    • Downloadable Infographic! - 4 Authenticity Breakthroughs

  • 4

    Rebirth U Ideation Studio Time!

    • Welcome!

    • Test Your Learning...Knowledge Check

    • Workbook Time!

  • 5

    Next Steps...

    • Congrats! Here's What's Next...

    • More Resources For You

    • Download This Document Before You Go! Final Checklist

    • Ciao Survey!

    • The Next Masterclass in This Module

    • 1:1 Consulting: How To Build Your Iconic Brand with the Brand Rebirth Brand Pyramid

    • Consulting Resources For You!

Spending more doesn't always get you more.

Many have been trained to believe that merely spending more on advertising in social channels will increase your sales, but unfortunately this isn't totally true. Achieving brand authenticity should be a part of your customer centricity efforts.

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What Is Unique About This Course?

Video + Applied Learning

With inspiring instruction, learning assessments, best practice examples from top brands and Women-Owned Businesses, you will learn how to:

  • Define authenticity in branding
  • Discuss Millennials and authenticity
  • Study the world’s top authentic brands 
  • Learn how other Women-Owned Businesses (WOBs) businesses practice Authenticity 

After Completing this Masterclass

You should expect to be able to:

  • Begin to figure out the authentic brand story you want your audience to associate with your business
  • Become aware of why marketers focus on this important demographic and why you should too
  • Ascertain the correlation between authentic and profitable brands
  • Create a brand presence that is Reliable, Respectable and Real

Bonus Content!!!

Empower yourself with these powerful nuggets that will help you build your personal authenticity.

  • Frida Kahlo's Brand Authenticity: "How To Radiate Personal Authenticity Into Your Brand"

    $300 value

    Have you heard of Frida Kahlo? Do you know who she is and why she has become so popular over the last 20 years or so around the world? Do you know how this relates to authenticity? This creative lesson covers her family roots, artistic contributions, legacy and the brand empire it created. Que viva la Frida!

  • 4 Authenticity Breakthroughs: "How To Radiate Personal Authenticity Into Your Brand"

    $300 value

    This lesson shares '4 Authenticity Breakthroughs' that you can apply to yourself and into your organizational/corporate workplace. It highlights the authenticity breakthroughs against the following: a notable American poet and memoirist, Houston-based vegan restaurant, well known actress and femmepreneur, beauty and lifestyle brand, self-made billionaire and a health care company.

  • Downloadable Infographic! - 4 Authenticity Breakthroughs

    $100 value

    This infographic allows you to process your learnings regarding the '4 Authenticity Breakthroughs' while providing 24/7 access to the masterclass' principles even when offline.

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Bonus Feature!

Frida Kahlo's Brand Authenticity: "How To Radiate Personal Authenticity Into Your Brand"

What's Included

"Brand Authenticity" carefully packages 20+ years of brand, marketing, Wall Street know-how, Ivy-League Brand Education and global exposure in 40+ countries in a potent, yet exhilarating 50-60 minute micro-learning experience. This masterclass includes:

  • Rebirth U Ideation Studio: Workbook Lesson + Learning Assessments

  • Bonus Content on "How to Radiate Personal Authenticity into Your Brand"

  • More Resources For You! (Helpful Links)

  • Masterclass "Final Checklist"

  • Authenticity Breakthroughs Downloadable Infographic

  • Course Certificate

Rebirth U Ideation Studio!

Feel coached, inspired, safe and free and saunter through the Workbook Exercises, Knowledge Checks and Resources For You!.

Rebirther (Student) Testimonials

Paula Noreña Rodríguez

Founder, Nómada de La Luz (Therapy Practice), Madrid, Spain

Is your brand really authentic? Be inspired by the stories shown on this module. What I liked the most about this module was all the success stories of women who grew their businesses by being authentic with their customers. Now I understand that making authenticity the focus in your business makes your clients trust your brand more and feel more connected.

Stacie Desplanques, MBA

Director, Marketing Communications, Vade Secure, Paris, France

Great course! J'ai beaucoup appréciée le cours sur 'brand authenticity'. J'ai appris pourquoi c'est important pour des sociétés d'être authentique, et comment cela peut avoir un impact direct sur les résultats financiers. *** I really enjoyed the course on 'brand authenticity'. I learned why it is important for companies to be authentic, and how this can have a direct impact on the bottom line.

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