Does your brand have a strong purpose?

CEOs who were seen as authentic in living the company's purpose produced a higher rate of return on assets (9.35%) vs those who rate lower (1.93%).

 Source: Fred Kiel at KRW International 

Core Values

Brand values should be the core of your business; they are the very definition of who you are as a company and have an impact on how you connect with your customers.

Brand Roots Module

The Rebirth U (Brand Rebirth's Virtual University of Branding Education) Brand Roots Module will methodically help you to establish a solid foundation for future brand building. This module begins with a series of Mindset Preparation lessons and ends with an Exhale lesson as a finale. Brand Roots consists of 4 core masterclasses: Core Values, Purpose, Prevision Portrait and Prevision 7.0.

  • The Core Values Masterclass will provide grounding on how core values relate to brand building and organizational culture so that you can create a high-performance culture that enables you to achieve BIG things. You will complete this three hour course by developing 3-5 solid core values and accompanying memorable phrases. 

  • The Purpose Masterclass will help you comprehend organizational purpose on a multidimensional level so you will know how it drives your people and customers. Ultimately, this colorful 3-hour experience will arm you with the tools to create , validate and embed your organizational purpose within your company.

  • The Prevision Portrait Masterclass will fully coach you on the Prevision Portrait concept and inspire you to develop enough creative and imaginative content for your very own Prevision Portrait in 2.5 hours. The output from this masterclass has a dual purpose as a potential company manifesto and as direct input for the Prevision 7.0 Masterclass.

  • The Prevision 7.0 Masterclass will enable you to relate to the strategic intent of various companies in diverse industries and how they use previsioning to prosper in this 3-hour course. You ultimately will be stimulated to imagine 3 or more draft Prevision 7.0 statements for your brand and validate your final choice with the tools provided.

 All 4 of these masterclasses include the Rebirth U Ideation Studio where learning continues and advances to the point so you can begin applying course concepts on your brand and begin writing. There are learning assessments, infographics, checklists and many tools that guide you throughout the process.

All 4 masterclasses include a Review + Outcomes Confirmation section where course concepts are summarized and reviewed. Additionally, you are given an opportunity to determine if you have achieved all of the learning objectives and outcomess. The final section, Next Steps, includes more resources to supplement course learning, along with a comprehensive course checklist.

In a 1:1 Consulting environment, each topic generally takes anywhere from 8-12 hours to workshop and synthesize. Fortunately, you will be able to save about 5 hours per masterclass by successfully completing this Brand Roots Module (DIY with Virtual Coaching).

Previsions are futuristic

Previsions create the energy and will to make change happen.

Adapted from John Graham

Who Is It Designed For?

Female Gamechangers, Women-Owned Businesses, Women-Run Businesses, Women Department Heads, Marketing Teams, Corporate Learning Departments, University Administrators and Continuing Education Programs, Non-For Profit Leaders, Franchisors & Franchisees

Pricing options

1:1 Premium Consulting (Post-Masterclass)

Add 2-3 hours of 1:1 Premium Consulting for more bespoke support/feedback. Email to take advantage of this offer.

What is Rebirth U?

Rebirth U is Brand Rebirth’s Digital University of brand and professional development that has a purpose of “democratizing Ivy-League brand strategy principles for women-led businesses and beyond". 

It houses a series of on-demand brand masterclasses (i.e. So, Really, What Is A Brand?, Core Values, etc.) that can be taken as stand-a-lone courses or as a part of the Brand Roots Module (Bundle).  

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Why Rebirth U?

Rebirth U Ideation Studio

Feel coached, inspired, safe and free and saunter through the Workbook Exercises, Knowledge Checks and Resources For You!.

What You Will Get, What's Included

The Brand Bedrocks Module carefully packages 20+ years of brand, marketing, Wall Street know-how, Ivy-League Brand Education and global exposure in 40+ countries in a potent, yet exhilarating 12 hours of micro-learning experience. This 4 masterclass bundle includes:

  • Rebirth Ideation Studio with relevant workbook lessons for you to work on your brand

  • Mindset Preparation lessons to provide grounding for the Brand Roots Module

  • Brand (case) studies on Fortune 500 and notable femmepreneur global brands to help you apply the frameworks

  • Learning Assessments to test your learning

  • Brand Rebirth Brand Strategy Template to chronicle your company's brand pyramid building

  • Final Checklists for each masterclass

  • Course Certificates to chronicle your brand learning journey

  • Helpful resource links to expand your learning and visualize success

  • Downloadable infographics to validate and embed your work within your company

1:1 Premium Virtual Consulting via Zoom (Add On)

Add 1 hour of 1:1 Premium Consulting for an additional $250, 2 hours for $500. Email if you would benefit from obaining expert feedback on your work. This is substantially lower than using 1:1 Consulting to build your Core Values, Purpose or Prevision 7.0 from scratch.

Hi, I'm Tanika and I am your Masterclass Coach!

Brand Rebirth Founder + Chief Brand Strategist with 20+ Years of Professional Experience and travel to 40+ Countries

Tanika Vital-PringleI have always practiced authenticity, along with independent and collaborative thinking. This purpose-driven path has led me to embrace non-conformity, innovation and ultimately create compelling brand voices for two different Fortune 500 companies, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and Royal Dutch Shell, for over 15 years as an intrapreneur.

I hold the Certificate in Brand Leadership from the Executive Education Program at Columbia University, the Global MBA from Thunderbird, The Global School of Management and the B.B.A. in International Business and Finance from Howard University.

I have always been called on to launch a new idea to a new target audience, a new global program in a new country and even a new company and I have loved it all. In 2018, my work and leadership of a new company brand launch was recognized by the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell and deemed the best Business-to-Business Brand Campaign for the company on a global level. Most importantly, my leadership empowered teams to achieve unsurpassed excellence which resulted in exceeding sales targets.

Just think of me as your “Brand Doula” and you will be rewarded with a rock-solid brand infrastructure that can attract your customers in an authentic way. “Thinking differently” bred innovation in the form of iPhones, body shapers for women (Spanx) and customer experience (Amazon) to name a few, so what are you waiting on?

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