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Are you a gamechanging leader with no formal brand experience, but you believe in making strategic investments to grow your business/organization?

You Should Invest in this Brand Bedrocks Module (Bundle) if You Are A Female:

  • Founder, Business Owner, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Talent/People Officer who need a practioner's view of Branding & Marketing 
  • HR or E-Learning Leader who is seeking fresh LMS-based content that can enrich new or existing internal learning programs
  • Professional who is responsible for managing change, growth, Brand, Marketing,  Communications or Organizational Development
  • Non-for-Profit Leader who has a brand knowledge gap and wants to better differentiate their organizations
  • Franchisee Owner who needs to have branding-know before following the franchise's rules and policies 
  • Professional Institute and Organization that offers training and educational development to members
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Hi, I'm Tanika and I am your Course Coach!

Brand Rebirth Founder + Chief Brand Strategist with 20+ Years of Professional Experience and travel to 40+ Countries

I have always practiced authenticity,  along with always I have always practiced authenticity, along with  independent and collaborative thinking. This purpose-driven path has led me to embrace non-conformity, innovation and ultimately create compelling brand voices for two different Fortune 500 companies, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and Royal Dutch Shell, for over 15 years as an intrapreneur.

I hold the Certificate in Brand Leadership from the Executive Education Program at Columbia University, the Global MBA from Thunderbird, The Global School of Management and the B.B.A. in International Business and Finance from Howard University.

I have always been called on to launch a new idea to a new target audience, a new global program in a new country and even a new company and I have loved it all. In 2018, my work and leadership of a new company brand launch was recognized by the CEO of Royal Dutch Shell and deemed the best Business-to-Business Brand Campaign for the company on a global level. Most importantly, my leadership empowered teams to achieve unsurpassed excellence which resulted in exceeding sales targets.

Just think of me as your “Brand Doula” and you will be rewarded with a rock-solid brand infrastructure that can attract your customers in an authentic way. “Thinking differently” bred innovation in the form of iPhones, body shapers for women (Spanx) and customer experience (Amazon) to name a few, so what are you waiting on?

What is Rebirth U?

Rebirth U is Brand Rebirth’s Digital University of brand and professional development that has a purpose of “democratizing Ivy-League brand strategy principles for women-led businesses and beyond". 

It houses a series of on-demand brand masterclasses (i.e. So, Really, What Is A Brand?) that can be taken as stand-a-lone courses or as a part of the Brand Bedrocks Module (Bundle).  

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Why Rebirth U?

What Do You Gain with the Brand Bedrocks Module Bundle?

  • Virtual Coaching for Your Brand

    • Virtual training is from Brand Rebirth's highly experienced Chief Brand Strategist and is brought to your organization at a fraction of the cost.

    • More control because course content can be taken an infinite number of times. 

    • Bespoke learning tempo because you receive coaching at your own pace and not the pace of the group.
  • Strategic Advancement for Your Business

    • We define brand, authenticity, storytelling and storymaking by extracting divergent perspectives from noted academicians, brandthropologists, practitioners and successful business men and WOMEN!


    • We bring you into Brand Rebirth's real world take on contrasting brand, marketing and sales and coach you through applying the concepts to your organization.
  • Real World Cases

    • Hear firsthand the challenges that notable companies face, analyze your organization, identify issues and devise solutions for your brand.


    • We dispel the many misconceptions associated with the terms "brand" and "branding" by taking you through real life examples of notable Fortune 100 and Women-Owned Business brands (unlike most brand courses) that are thriving in the 21st century!


    •  We triangulate compelling data on the impact of authenticity to explain the relationship between authentic and valuable brands. 

Rebirth U Ideation Studio!

Feel coached, inspired, safe and free and saunter through the Workbook Exercises, Knowledge Checks and Interactive Exercises.

Rebirther (Student) Testimonials

Lynda Bishop, MA

NAWBO Institute National Program Director + CEO of, Phoenix, AZ

Title is exactly what it is! Great learning on understanding what a brand is (and what branding is too). I completed the "So, Really, What is a Brand?" masterclass today and LOVED IT! Extremely well done and I have to say...I want you to dress me! :) Seriously, you are so poised, professional and completely stunning at the same time. The information in this series was exceptional - thorough and easy to understand. Loved the quizzes, the examples given, the resources to continue the learning. The certificate is a lovely touch too. Extremely well put together and easy to follow. Interactive to help the learning stick. Relevant, relatable examples throughout!

Rochelle Andrews, PMP

Masters in Engineering Management, Senior Project Manager, Specialty Chemicals Industry, Houston, TX

I have a much greater appreciation and awareness of what it takes to brand, market and sell now that I have taken the "Branding + Marketing Symbiosis" masterclass. I can confidently participate in discussions with a broader range of colleagues who work in Marketing and Sales and better assess project-related data related to these areas.

Stacie Desplanques, MBA

Director, Marketing Communications, Vade Secure, Paris, France

Great course! J'ai beaucoup appréciée le cours sur "Brand Authenticity". J'ai appris pourquoi c'est important pour des sociétés d'être authentique, et comment cela peut avoir un impact direct sur les résultats financiers. *** I really enjoyed the course on "Brand authenticity'. I learned why it is important for companies to be authentic, and how this can have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Paula Noreña Rodríguez

Founder, Nómada de La Luz (Therapy Practice), Madrid, Spain

With this "Mission___Storymaking" masterclass , I now feel more inspired to start telling stories to my clients, and to write a longer " About Me " version on my website without the help of a copywriter. The emotional connection that storytelling generates makes a good impact that we will be able to notice in our business. Thank you for the clear explanations!

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